Shooting the Breeze – Part 9 – Final Thoughts

ShellPhew…I finally got there!

I started writing these final thoughts long before finishing this little exercise…a little premature maybe! It was at a time when I had shared my progress with my parents. Up to that point I had read my words thousands of times, meticulously combing through my thoughts. I hadn’t felt particularly emotional about this exercise, although I was completely engrossed in it. However, my emotions ambushed me and I was utterly taken aback. It was at that moment I realised how powerful this venture was for me and how privileged I was that these people were willing to be a part of it.

Initially my purpose for this project was really to see if I had the stamina to see it through. I sifted through numerous topics believing that I would eventually hit upon the right one and my instincts were right. If I started out thinking that this was a bit of a laugh and simply an endurance test I quickly discovered how wrong I was.

The people I have written about are everyday people, talking about everyday things. They have spoken to me so candidly, without hesitation. Even the people closest to me, who I know the best like my parents astounded me. They have all helped me to have a better understanding of myself as well as the human spirit.

It has been fascinating to see the responses from those I have written about. Many have been flattered and a little overcome by what I have said about them. It makes me realise just how different the perception of ourselves can be to others’ perceptions. We can often be overly critical of ourselves without reason.

Although I started writing this little assembly of stories more than three years ago, I have been a little overwhelmed sharing them with a wider audience now. It has been really challenging to put myself out there, in such a personal way. As I reached the halfway point of posting these pieces I almost gave up. I couldn’t believe that it would be such an emotional and draining journey. I’m glad I persisted.

I must also acknowledge the beautiful photos that adorn my blog posts, carefully crafted by my wonderful husband John. Although he hasn’t featured in any of these posts, I’m still tackling that one – his photographs speak volumes.

While I haven’t explored these topics as greatly as I first intended, I have still learned an incredible amount. We may never be able to do everything we want to in life, but we can still take joy and fulfilment from what we can do.

I have been absolutely humbled by the support I have received during this process. If you’ve made it this far with me…a very heartfelt thank you.


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