Be Fabulous

Be Fabulous

Yesterday wasn’t my best day. A few things didn’t go to plan and it brought the whole day undone. I could see it happening, but I couldn’t, or wouldn’t change the path I was on. I almost wanted an excuse to be in a grump. This tied in beautifully with my already ‘poor me’ status riding on the back of sleep deprivation and back to back colds. To top it off, I fed the little demon with rich chocolatey ice cream knowing full well it wouldn’t bring me any relief.

I missed a big opportunity, a chance to turn my fortunes around. An opportunity ‘to be fabulous’. By the end of the day I was ready to repent, to acknowledge where I’d gone wrong and move on. Tomorrow would be another day.

And so tomorrow is here, today.

I started the day thinking about all the things I would do to be fabulous while going about my usual business – smile at everyone I passed, let other drivers in ahead of me, support good causes at the shopping centre. I had it nailed. Until I realised that these are the sorts of things I do on a daily basis anyway. It didn’t take me long to realise that being fabulous isn’t just about doing things for other people, but also for yourself.

So I’ve given myself permission to truly enjoy today. To not run around without noticing the little things, to sit a little longer with my kids as I buy imaginary ice creams from their make believe shop and, at the end of the day to read the magazine I’ve been longing for.

I’ve recently discovered the incredible work of Tina Seelig, who writes largely about creativity and innovation. Not only have her insights enabled me to get some perspective on how I view the world, they have helped me to feel that this perspective is legitimate and valuable.

Sometimes we need little reminders to be kind to ourselves as well as others, to look around our surrounds to find things we’ve missed and most of all – be fabulous.

Have a fabulous day!


2 thoughts on “Be Fabulous

  1. I just discovered this……beautiful!! It’s like I am reading some famous author’s words, which I am sure you will be one day! I am hooked…….xx

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