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  1. Absolutely love it Liz. I like your analogy to dancing, it is so true. Writing is also therapeutic, it helps us to identify those thoughts that plague us because we can’t name them or understand them. Paulo Freier in his work with illiterate peasant farmers in Brazil said that once they became literate they described their ability to name things as having power over the world around them. Having a voice was something they had lived without for so long their newly found literacy was a source of wonderment for them. How lucky we are to be literate. Of course all that glitters is not gold, the then dictator of Brazil forced Freier into exile for educating the peasants.

  2. Congratulations on the first of Lizzie’s Little Musings, Liz! “Musing” passed from writer to reader as I absorbed your words, returning for a repeat session to absorb just that little bit extra! I look forward to the next.

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